Thursday, 14 January 2016

Jamie Baby

Many years ago now, 1995 to be exact, I lost my Dad to a sudden and severe heart attack, The evening of his passing, in an attempt to focus upon something other than the grief screaming in my 17 year old mind I popped on BBC2 and came across an incredible film, starring Alan Rickman and Juliet Stephenson. The film was Truly Madly Deeply and I think I wept throughout the whole thing. I imagine I would have done anyway, but having just experienced my own deep, terrible loss it resonated hugely. I've never ever forgotten it, or those actors, so when I woke up today to the news Alan Rickman had died I was back on that Sunday evening, alone in the dark of my room, breaking my heart. So thank you for it all Alan, for enabling me to cry, for Jamie, Sheriff of Nottingham, Hans Gruber and Snape...for being not only a great actor, but from what i've read, a great human being. It was too early for you, just like my Dad.

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