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Boo Boo loves birdies!

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Ilkley Lido

We visited the Lido on Saturday for a picnic and a swim. The outdoor pool whilst beautiful, was unfortunately, freezing, I discovered this rather abruptly when I plopped into the deep end and came up gasping for air. The indoor pool was glorious. Warm and lovely. It was my first time in the water for a long time and it was like returning to a best friend for a huge hug. George was less convinced, it was his FIRST time, and he was rather unsure about the whole thing, clinging to Daddy's chest while he bobbed about in the shallow end. I did a few widths where I could, there was a very busy game of water polo going on between a group of kids, so I was rather ball and team dodging, but it didn't detract, from my happy return to that lovely, warm, floaty, water.

The above photos are unfortunately not mine as my phone died sat nav-ing our way over, so my thanks to for use of the images.