Friday, 2 November 2012

For The Pigeon

Goodbye to the softest dog - all my kindest thoughts to her lovely owner who let us ''dear readers'' share a little of her life.


  1. Hi Stripeycat. I came to your blog for photos of your boy, being all new and shiny to cheer me up after the sadness of pigeon and there she is again on yours. Loads of tears all over again and I do not usually cry. This blogging thing is quite strange. Hope all is well and sunny in Calderdale.

  2. Oh, you are so lovely. Have been hopeless at catching up on blogs lately, and thought I must come here and look at some pictures of George, especially as you have been leaving such incredibly kind and touching comments with me in the last few days. And there was the Pidge's little face. Such a wonderful thing of you to do. Thank you, thank you. And your gorgeous boy has grown so big and bonny. Made me smile. x

  3. Sorry I made you sad Moonboots, I felt I couldn't not pay my respects in some little way, so affected had our little home been by the tragic news north of the border. Lots of George to make you smile too though I hope, we are well here and just preparing for his first birthday :)

  4. Thank you so much Tania, so thoughtful of you to come over and comment, I hoped you wouldn't mind my using your beautiful photo of her, there are so many thoughts and tears for you and Pigeon here;
    Kindest wishes from us all and a big George smile.x


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