Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Tuesday for two

Tuesday started with Jon taking George to nursery and then racing back to collect me - we had a pre-school meeting at 10am, following which, we went to The Bear for breakfast. Cannot recommend this more highly, we chose to share the platter and had a gorgeous selection of pastries, sourdough toast, butter, preserves and fresh fruit alongside our cups of grumpy mule coffee, natch. 

From here we came home for a few hours, did a little online retail therapy and got the presents ordered for the boy child. click click click...
From here we went to Hebden and to the White Lion, we last had a solo lunch here back in January and so this one was well overdue. We had a lovely drink each - Landlord for Jon and a large glass of Malbec for me, and we shared two platters between us - one of fish (smoked salmon, garlic prawns, pink prawns, trout pate and brown bread) and one of Yorkshire fayre - think ploughman's (ham, wensleydale, pork pie, pickle and bread). They were delicious and ridiculously filling and I recommend them both.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Chatsworth Christmas - Alice in Wonderland

Friday morning found two boys fast asleep and a grey day outside, I didn't wake them as Jon had only come to bed around 3 and George needs as much kip as possible in order not to be a total grump and we were all snotty and sneezy. Around 11am - the time we were supposed to be arriving(!) we finally set off, what seemed like a long drive over the moors and grey cloud brought us to Baslow. Thankfully, the queue Suz had experienced earlier was long gone and we drove straight in, and straight into a car parking space next to the Christmas market. It was just starting to rain as we stepped out of the car and scuttled to an undercover area so George could have some lunch. 
Suzanne and the boys met us and after another scuttle through the rain we entered the house... what an incredible place....

The pictures only begin to paint a picture of the incredible decorations and immense scale of the exhibition. We walked through corridors and rooms full of playing cards, toadstools and props, seeing White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter and Alice. Pieces of text led us along the way and the walls had video projections to set the scene.
The only element I would have changed were the crowds of elderly we were swept along with. Two coach parties had arrived just as we did and we were severely outnumbered by the grey army, who, I am really surprised to say were quite rude and pushy. One particular lady shoved George on three occasions and nobody apologised for bumping either us or Suzanne who was carrying Abel while Tobias walked with George.
So, my recommendation? - GO!! - It's wonderful! - but choose a quieter day - perhaps when the Christmas Market isn't also on,