Tuesday, 22 April 2014


I rarely do posts about TV programmes, not sure why as there have been some real gems that I've loved over the years; Endeavour is one of those. It also won't be a surprise when I say I'm a huge fan of Lewis and Morse too. 
This is the second series of the Morse prequel and has really hit it's stride. Shaun Evan's is absolutely brilliant as the young detective made even more so by his relationship with the wonderful Roger Allum. A man I adore and would happily wrap him and his velvet voice around me like a soft blanket. 

I watched all four episodes in greedy succession today whilst ill in bed, culminating in the huge end of season cliffhanger. I won't mention details as there is nothing worse than accidentally reading spoilers, but suffice to say I have everything crossed for a series 3. 

Monday, 21 April 2014

The Easter Tree

Several years ago, when we had not long been living in Todmorden, we were exploring spring in the valley; driving around in the car, footling up hill and down dale and we came across this, outside a house in Lumbutts on a sharp corner of steep road. We thought it was the most enchanting thing and vowed to go back and see it again. Five years have passed and for one reason or another we've been away or busy at Easter time and we haven't had chance. This year, we did, and there it was; Happy Easter!

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Hunting the egg

After a lovely lunch at The London Bridge Inn with the Williams family we came back to Sharon's house and while George was opening his Easter presents - Jon and I stole out into the garden to hide eggs...

It was so much fun watching George find them, we all helped a bit by guiding him round the garden but he was the one who picked each one up. One of the most incredible things about having a child is seeing things through their eyes, and this was another of those wonderful occasions. Such joy and excitement as he spotted eggs wrapped in shining paper, running from one to the next with the basket in his hand. I think we all loved it.

Easter Sunday - in the morning

Jon, the gent that he is, had bought us all eggs...George got a little buttons one, I a Lindt gold bunny egg from which I shared my three gold bunnies and himself an M and M's egg. 

Kids and chocolate...always going to raise a smile :)

Saturday, 19 April 2014