Monday, 30 April 2012

Tinga Tinga

Some snaps of a happy George in his bouncy chair watching his favourite Cbeebies programme - Tinga Tinga Tales - a fantastic collection of African folk tales which remind me very much of the Just So Stories, and which are illustrated by Tanzanian artists with the most incredible style and colour. Today's tale was "Why Bushbaby has big eyes" - if you like to wonder why, Tinga Tinga is a land of why.

Sunday, 29 April 2012

Stop singing Daddy!

Jon is known for his ability to take a good tune and make a complete cabbage out of it. He especially has a knack for remembering NO lyrics and making them up as he goes along without so much as a rhyme amongst them. This aural experience is known to make Boo head for the dark confines of the space under the bed, but this was the first time i'd seen George react, as only George can - he simply opened his mouth and said RAHHHHHHHH..... for a very long time.

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Saturday extra

We met up with some old friends from our Chorlton days - here in Tod for a party at Bramsche and so we took the chance to call in and introduce them to George - who was so relaxed with the company he promptly fell asleep!

Lovely to see you Helen, Carl and Ben x x x

Video ~ edited(!)

My very first attempt to upload a video of George...playing with Snork.

Just realised it was of course coming up as private - settings edited and changed and it can now be viewed (i hope!).

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

Falling behind

The blog has rather gone by the wayside of late....

The last week George has been really ill with gastroenteritis, projectile vomit and escapee diarrhoea; It's been a routine of calpol, syringe feeding dioralyte, drip feeding formula, a million nappy changes and the washing machine on constant. A Sunday trip to the hospital found his blood sugar had dropped to 2.8 and he was hypoglycemic....sitting in a side room, Jon feeding him a tube of dextrose gel on his finger... holding our breath as they retested his sugars with another heel prick and breathing again when they had risen to 3.8 and we could be discharged. We turned a corner on Wednesday after visiting our incredible Dr Okanga (known hereafter as The Baby Whisperer) who put my mind at rest when all else couldn't and who also told us he was teething and this was adding to his difficult time. Friday we finally ventured out, accompanying Daddy to Oldham and while he went to a meeting we took a trip round the shops to buy some new 6-9 month clothes as his long long legs are once again pushing his toes to the end of his sleepsuit. Today the teething has become even more evident and I can only hope that it eases as soon as possible, in the meantime there is teething gel, his chewy ring and chunks of cucumber to cool those gums.

In addition to this, my netbook - known as 'little blue' - has finally gone to the menders, the whirring fan had got so noisy and so constant I could barely open the lid without waking George and wishing to throw the damn thing out the window. So here I am, using Jon's Dell and hating it. The keyboard is flat and flush and my fingers slip on the keys and create typo after typo. That, plus the lack of spare time have meant that i've neglected posting, though I am doing my best to keep reading my bloglist using my phone. There's a backlog of photos of George but for now, this is all.

Oh, and the re-design? - a change is as good as a rest, and I wanted it to reflect the important things in my life -  my husband, our son and those crazy cats; the family.

Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Our beautiful son is five months old today.... time has flown

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Visit from Tim and a pint in Bramsche bar...watched with GREAT interest by George...