Sunday, 10 July 2016

Week ending

Seeded batch loaves just out of the oven

Mug designed by Bear follows cat from Hebden Bridge - bought for the flood relief fund raising - keeping me going through the sunday evening ironing

Watching my go-to Midsomer Murders episode 'Vixen's run' 

Snuggly family pics

George watching Box of Delights and absolutely gripped by the bloodhound of the law James Grout. Ok, so it's July and this is a Christmas thing, but there's always room for Box.

Pictures from Lennie or Iris playing with a prezzie we got her in a beautiful shop in Angelsey - so funny, Lennie has  decided they must be kept them up on a high shelf out of reach so they don't get wrecked, Iris is allowed supervised visiting rights. Gorgeous girl.

Pokemon Go has taken over the world...

Sleep ninja...everybody was kung fu fighting!

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