Friday, 29 November 2013

Tinderwood Trust - Forest School

This lovely group is held weekly in the woods by Stoodley Glen in Eastwood and is based on Steiner principles of education through play. It's only a small site but an incredibly beautiful setting and one that was a joy to visit. You can find out more about Tinderwood here

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Blossoms photoshoot

His first 'school' (Nursery!) photo :-)

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Welcome Beth

Welcome to the world 
Elizabeth Alice Fairhurst
weighing 8.2 pounds


All our love to Sean and Amy on the birth of their beautiful daughter.xxxxx


Today I have been photographing my charity Christmas Cards for Team Wamby's Christmas Fayre - raising money for CLIC SARGENT. Each pack has five cards and five red envelopes and I will pay the postage to send them direct to you, anywhere in the UK.

 Pack one is called ''Let Sleeping Cats Lie'' 

Pack Two is Puss in Ski Boots...

and Pack three is ''Gold, Frankincense and Purr'' 

Bid what you are prepared to pay for each pack and the highest bid come December first, WINS!
Please place your bids on the Team WAMBY Facebook page here
(Many other items to bid for, buy outright or an entry to the big competition is only £1)

Background to TEAM WAMBY from it's founder Kirstie Ginesi.....

I first met Amber when she was a weeny little 5/6 month old, most envious as my bounder was far from delicate and wee. This was nearly 4 years ago and Amber and my own daughter, Aleyna, are great friends. I am proud to call Amber's mum, Lara, one of my great friends.

Unfortunately, not long after I met Amber, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour the size of a tennis ball just after she was 6 months old. Shortly after she had brain surgery, only to discover it was inoperable. Had it been, she'd have been 96% certain of a normal life without recurrence. As it was, she started chemo, saw in her first 2 birthdays whilst enduring treatment and all manner of procedures. She has lost the sight in her left eye and it is diminished in her right. Just before her 3rd birthday she stopped having chemo so they could monitor the tumour, and for a year it showed signs of remaining dormant, no growth. Until last week, when a scan revealed it had commenced growing again. She celebrated her 4th birthday just weeks earlier and has recently welcomed a brand new brother - Seth to this world.

Over the years there has been various fundraising events on Amber's behalf for the multitude of charities that have helped her and her family. I have been lucky enough to donate and contribute to some: I did the Race for Life while wearing Aleyna, then 3 and 20kg (about 44lbs) on my back in a sling, and I have even chopped my hair and donated it to a children's wig making charity who create real hair wigs for children who have lost their hair, the Little Princess Trust. But now it is my time to put together a fundraiser. I am organising an online fundraiser for a charity, or charities, nominated by Amber's family for their help and support over the years.

The first of which will be Clic Sergeant.

Any help with this will be most welcome.

Sunday, 24 November 2013


Introducing the new addition to the family...Bertie, an abandoned kitten, aged 13 weeks...from FLUFF cat rescue - a cat fostering and adoption service run by a recent mover to Tod; Lennie Farricker - a lady, who with her partner Stu Parkin, does an amazing job on a shoe string, linking up a network of friend-fosterers who have rescued and rehomed hundreds of cats and kittens, often using their own money and resources. We are so pleased to have been able to help in this small way. Welcome Bertie, welcome home.

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Lamplighter Festival

What a wonderful evening after such a dreadful day. The people at Handmade parade and thingamujig theatre and ALL those involved should be so so soo proud of themselves. Lamplighter was beautiful, uplifting and fun. The weather was delightfully cold and crip. The people of Tod were out in force, dancing, chatting, laughing, eating. We bought Christmas gifts from the market, ate Porcus burgers from the hog roast stall, danced to the band, met up with good friends and I felt the whole thing was like a tonic to brighten a winter's night. 

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Manchester Christmas Market

I had a magical afternoon in Manchester all alone with my husband. George was in nursery and though we couldn't help but miss him, we did have a great time drinking gluhwein, eating bratwurst and wandering round the stalls buying cheese, mittens and a swanny whistle.