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Opening Ceremony - Emotional unity

I cannot begin to convey how much we all enjoyed watching the opening ceremony on Friday night, and I say all because even George was rapt in his high chair as we sat at the table with it on the laptop screen so we could watch it while we fed him. In fact it began whilst I was upstairs and we saw the opening sequence separately - including children's choirs in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland singing Jerusalem, Flower of Scotland, Bread of Heaven and Danny Boy respectively...I'm not sure what happened but I was so overcome with emotion and felt I had to get downstairs to Jon as fast as possible and was stunned that as soon as I stepped into the kitchen he stood up, visibly choked and said I don't understand, It's so moving and we just hugged each other and wept. 
It set the tone for the entire event for us, it was full of emotion and magic, whimsy and fun and also great great poignancy. I'll never forget it for as long as I live. 

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