Saturday, 30 June 2012

Beautiful Beaming Boy

Today I collected the cheese, olives and grapes, I iced the cupcakes, glazed and roasted the ham (which Jon had boiled) and organised the plates, glasses and wrapped the cutlery in napkins. Jon put up the bunting, cleaned the kitchen and bathroom and took George to see Tim&Sandy who arrived this afternoon and checked in to the Staff of Life for the night. It's been another really busy day but I *think* we are just about organised for tomorrow.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Friday already

Today has been non stop. People say that a lot. NON STOP they say. When really it isn't. I do wonder, hand on heart, what the hell I did with my time before I had a baby.
Anyway, up and on the phone to the doctor's by 8 and at the surgery for 9.30 having fed George and got us all dressed and ready. First I had an appointment with Dr Okanga (aka Baby whisperer) who has given me some very strong iron tablets to try and bring my woefully deficient haemoglobin levels back up to normal....more red meat he said, and beetroot. I also got some much stronger co-codamol to deal with the chronic period pain. Godsend. Jon went in next and while discussing the pro's and con's of butter I went across to the other side of the clinic to the stay and play/baby weigh-in. George is now 18lb 14oz - exactly 2lbs on in just over a month which is great :) less great was trying to change his nappy single handed whilst having a conversation with the HV and getting metanium all over my cardi. George, now changed and clothed again, zoomed off toward said HV and she watched him faceplant whilst I tried to re-pack my bag. Cheers love. Having soothed the tears we turned around to face the play area and spotted Wendy link-worker, who immediately came over and said hi and gave George a big cuddle which gave me chance to get up and pack the bags. I asked could G have a try in the ball pool and we plonked him in there much to his delight and watched him proceed to suck ball after ball after ball. It's at times like this I have to just let the germ paranoia go as I sit there wondering who the hell last sucked the balls and what on earth those marks on them are... Prayers that he doesn't come down with something before Sunday though, missing his own Christening would not be cricket.
Jon arrived then, and we let G have a big old crawl around, playing with jingly jangly toys and putting everything in his mouth until he started to get a bit whingey and we beat a path to boots, picked up a bagful of prescriptions and set out for Morrisons. More Christening related shopping and the nicest bacon sandwich I have ever had in their cafe and we were home again. Just in time for Majestic wines to deliver the case of 12 we ordered for Sunday. Exciting, and very reasonable, might be nice to use them again for Christmas time perhaps. Lunch was meant to be using up the pasties from the freezer graveyard but they looked like hell and we had jacket potatoes and shared some pitta and hummous with George, then a slew of fruit - pear, plum and apricot - loving the ripe summer fruits at the moment and our corner shop is brilliant for the latter. After this I mixed a tripled up cupcake recipe and baked 34 cupcakes, It was meant to be 36 but I fear I overfilled two at the cost of the missing two....hmmmm. One day I will buy another cupcake tray, but for today I had to make do with one. so I had to fill, bake and empty x3. Having done this I then discovered the damn wrapper things I got from ebay are way too big and had to cut them down to size and then glue them. Pffffffft. Like I needed the faff. Meantime, my cardigan, yes, the one with metanium on, latterly smudged with gloss paint from the endless bloody decorating, had been turps'd by Jon and put in the washer. The stain came out but the bloody turps DIDN'T so back in it went and unfortunately I realised at 6.30 that It was going to be too wet to wear to Mass at 7.....despite Jon's best efforts and the washer on a million rpm I couldn't get the door to the machine open in time and had to give up entirely and wear something else and Mass had already started by the time I walked the fifty steps to the church. At least I wasn't the last though. The brilliant hippy lady with crazy hair came after me. It was half and hour of peace though, in both sense of the word. Home again and I cleaned and re-jigged the kitchen worktops ready for Sunday, Jon took the TV upstairs and I missed it instantly, Around the world in eighty days was on and I've wanted to watch it for years. I put the veggie burgers in and made an impromptu gratin with new potatoes, sundried tomato pesto, soft cheese and stock. Then George was hungry and I made him a cheese sarnee with home made courgette chutney. Followed by fruit. Always the fruit. He looks like an explosion in a plum factory when he's done. Usually at the point of wearing the most food is when he decides to rub his's like having the alarm go off in a fire station...we all jump up and grab a muslin and run to the sink trying to provide the hot cloth antidote....even Graham has cottoned on to this def con one...(he witnessed it once and now knows the drill) and when Shaz was here on Tuesday he scuttled sink-wards with the rest of us. Anyway, disaster averted and full cry curtailed, I go to bottle making and washing up like I was born to it while Jon continues to be Daddy Daycare. Finally, there's some food for us and G in his playpen before we come upstairs and wrestle the little man into a sleeping position and try to persuade him it's time for bed and there is nothing in the least bit big and clever about sitting up. Teetha granules work wonders for his sore upper gum and the chamomila gives him that extra nudge to the land of nod. Now I have some time, finally, at around 11.30pm, to check my phone, kiss my husband, dawdle on twitter, read some baby led weaning tips and then write this monologue. That's my day. Dawn til Dusk. All done.

Friday, 22 June 2012



by Morrisons - people still trapped in the store as I type after midnight

On Halifax road by the doctors


Market Street




bit fuzzy by Mr B but you get the idea...

Thursday, 21 June 2012

The bus

OK, so this first photo is blurred, but I'm including it because it is important - today I took my first journey on the bus with George, now this might not seem like a monumental thing to do, but for me, it is, as aside from negotiating a bus ride with a pram, I had to negotiate the actual getting on the bus full stop. 
I have, you see, a form of agoraphobia, a kind of going-out-of-the-house-on-my-own phobia, it is something I have been working hard to beat since George was born and something I made a great leap forward with in January when I left the house with George on my own for the first time in 'Travels with my Pram' - since then I've conquered Tod and it's cafes and market and feel safe and at home walking it's streets; but I had yet to venture any further. It had been years since I got a bus on my own, I couldn't even put a date on it, 2006 possibly? back in Chorlton of course, but today was a real milestone. 

We went to Hebden and got off just by the park. The rain was pelting down and I thought i'd better head into a shop somewhere so I could text Graham. I found shelter in a lovely book shop and whilst organising meeting my best friend for coffee I browsed the children's books and found myself ordering The Gruffalo's Child. It will be in next week and gives me reason to return. From here we went to The Pot Stop with the least child friendly steps and doorway ever, and from there, to Innovation which is where we met Uncle G.


We had coffee and talked and G changed George for me while I ordered him a bacon sarnee (fair exchange for a poopy nappy) and me a cheese toastie. Then we popped the boy in a high chair and talked some more. I shared my toastie with George - who shared it with the floor. Then Uncle G gave him his bottle. When we came out it was still raining but we went for a walk through the park and over the bridge.

The photograph doesn't even begin to convey how wet and grey and horrid the weather was, but it was the full nine yards of valley gloom. After this my phone died and so with it, the chance of any more photographs, and from here, we got the bus home. Tod was even more torrential and by the time we'd toured the bric a brac market (stallholders complaining bitterly about the inclemency) I was soaked to the skin and my hair so wet that the rain was now running directly into my eyes and down my face. Happiness - is a change of clothes, a towel for my hair and warm socks to put on - all of which I'd thankfully had the foresight to leave in the living room for our return. 

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


Morning all!

Another little trip out round the market, met Pat and stayed chatting for ages, bought some lovely pears, apricots and plums with George in mind and some chilli, red onion and pepper for the tart I made for tea. Grabbed some ham and butter from the indoor market and as my beauty was sleeping I had a nice frappe. 

Home again and we had a play on the floor - George now crawling around happily.

Tuesday, 19 June 2012


 Little bean for morning coffee

I'm off! 

It's my Dummy, Mummy

Ah, so I see Rooney's back...shit hair.

Monday, 18 June 2012

Seven months standing

George is seven months old today...and just look what he has learned how to do!!!!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Father's Day

Jon's first Father's Day - so we sent him this card from Moonpig...

Love from George and

Saturday, 16 June 2012

The many faces of George Newman


 BIG thanks to Uncle G for coming over to help paint the landing and stairs, sorry no photos but I was too *knackered* to take any! - instead we have morning photos of George with rather a lot of sunlight in them.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Whispering.....and WHOOOOP!

Shhhhhh....while he's not looking...
...the fever is gone...!


Add to this England won their match with Sweden 3-2 thanks to Andy Caroll and the latter brilliance of  Wellbeck and Walcott...

and...George CRAWLED!!!
I have no footage of it, but he has, as you may have noticed from my photographs, a penchant for bottles, and whenever I have a drink of sparkling water he gets wildly excited and holds his hands out for this vessel of joy, I usually hand it over and he chews at the top...tonight, I didn't get a chance to hand it over, by the time I had put it down and replaced the cap he was crawling towards me at speed, reaching his destination head first with great enthusiasm and his usual cheeky grin. After weeks of rocking, bum shuffling and lunging it was wonderful to see him just suddenly understand how to coordinate his hands and knees. Further to this, and a development that has arrived over the last fortnight is the bum-in-the-air stance which is a current favourite and half way to actually standing. If he can hold on to something higher than himself then he can actually stand, albeit with some serious wobbles, but it's coming, and I believe they call this next phase "cruising" sniggering at the back please.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Fever - Day Two

Well, today has been more of the same, temperature up, temperature down. It peaked at 38.3 this morning when we took George to the access clinic and saw Dr Davey. He was very kind and very sweet and checked him over thoroughly, but apart from the fever he had no other symptoms and all we are to do is keep doing what we are doing. He said that the fever might develop into something over the next 48 hours, or it may not and it might just disappear as it came, overnight. All we can do is wait and treat him with the alternating calpol and calprofen every 3 hours. One thing I have been slightly reassured by in my pit of worry (I live in the pit of worry - it is like an oubliette of first time motherhood) is that he has continued to eat and drink.

 This morning with a little smile

I made goulash and granary bread for tea...which George really seemed to enjoy - particularly the bread dipped into the sauce - and he happily sucked and gummed at the soggy bread and covered himself and his high chair in lots of it.


Afterwards there was a much needed bath, a bottle, a grimble and a big poo and as I type we are still dosing, monitoring and waiting for this to go or change and I pray for the former.