Friday, 4 December 2015

Random old pics found lurking...

Glasto 2002 me and Jon

Prize giving at Appleby Grammar 1996 - I'm in the middle behind Martyn with the cup and Donna with the shield. Laura, Suzanne, Jo and Laura to the left an Sarah to my right. Michael, Tony and Ed behind us left to right. Helen and Karen left of Martyn and Jules right of Donna.

Voodoo circa 2005/6 taken by Danny

My 23rd birthday in Tiger Lounge 2002 - me, Nell and Jon.

A year later, my 24th birthday at Retro 2003 - me with Sean.

A real oldie, 1979 i think, I'm about 18 months old here, my big brother Paul hugging me and my godmother Lily Roe sat next to us with her yappy type dog Brandy or was it whiskey?!

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