Thursday, 2 October 2014

31 questions from River Cottage

1) River Cottage Everyday or the Bread Handbook
2) Toast (sourdough or soda bread) thickly spread with salty butter
3) Greens in Didsbury - Simon Rimmer's veggie place - we used to go for birthdays and anniversaries
4) Anything 'artificially' created to be low fat (ie.packed full of sugar fillers)
5) Oysters, Truffles, Lobster, Crab
6) Roast (chicken/pot roast brisket/nut roast)
7) Samphire
8) Free range chicken fillets oven baked with home made sorrel pesto, New potatoes and pan fried greens (courgette, leek, dwarf beans and shredded Chinese leaf) with a little pesto and cream.
9) River Cottage
10) Yorkshire Curd Tart - Jon
11) Blackberries (mushrooms with Dad)
12) White Russian
13) Took packed lunches
14) English cuisine is a melting pot now, but Italian if pushed.
15) Hugh F-W
16) Bread making
17) Classic Victoria sponge or Shaz's carrot cake
18) Blacksticks Blue or Brie de Meaux
19) Runner beans, Strawberries and herbs
20) Roast veggies - especially parsnips and squash
21) Liver 😭
22) Working on a farm (Mum was a chef)
23) The yard - huge rosebush, clematis, back wall
24) Bread
25) Norfolk - lots of local produce
26) Squash, Celeriac, Parsnips, Kale and 'greens' - love all my veggies.
27) Not a fruit fan I'm ashamed to say, though I enjoy apples and melons
28) The Chidiock cider circle drink off/any of the Christmas episodes
29) Thyme
30) Bianco style - garlic butter, cheese and herbs or Caprese - tomato, mozzarella and basil
31) Home made wholemeal toast with butter and a cup of filter coffee

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