Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Graham and Pop come to stay

Graham and Poppy arrived for the final couple of days of their Easter Holiday and were shortly followed by Shaz, all had been caught in awful traffic and had, including Jon - what's app'd me photos of their journeys...standing traffic and chockablock motorways. Everyone safely here we sat down to Laura's Mom's Brisket with roast potatoes, roast carrot and fennel, buttery greens and garlicky mushrooms with beans; quite the plateful and very very very nice. 

We had a huge platter of fruit for afters with greek yoghurt and honey. Following this and some coffee there was much jigsaw making and playing with George until Shaz left and we watched Lost and Found and then went to our beds. George was in with us and between him sleeping like a starfish and heartburn from taking ibuprofen Jon ended up on the sofa!
Following morning was a late and leisurely start, always a winner, we had big mugs of coffee with lovely croissants and juice and sat around talking; around midday we ventured forth to the Market. Thursday's in Tod is bric a brac and secondhand goods. It's probably my favourite day in town. The stall holders are a motley bunch of characters, hat wearing, pipe smoking or clutching roll up's, and the place is always full of bargain hunters and socialisers. Graham haggled a deal on two refurbished dyson's and we got them for £100; their green one a slightly newer model was meant to be 70 and ours 50 and we both got a tenner off. From there we bought dinosaurs, a cap for George and I got some books and a little jug. Lots of tat but interesting all the same. I love looking through the old books in particular and have got some really nice old ones over the years. The rain had been mizzling down steadily since we left the house and we finally decided to make our way for lunch. We'd spotted a new eaterie called Todmoorish a couple of weeks ago when it opened and vowed to visit - and this, seemed like the perfect chance. 

We opted for two of their sharing platters between the four of us, including little salads, dips, olives, goat's cheese and bread; I especially liked the harrisa dip and the roasted peppers. If I was nit picking the french bread should probably have been pitta or flatbread to fit the Moroccan stylings but to be honest I enjoyed what we got. They could perhaps do with adding a more substantial item or two...perhaps falafal or similar; but as a new place testing the water, I thought they did very well. With our meal we had mint tea served in patterened glasses, Jon leading the way with the sugar tip off; these were followed by arabian coffee with orange blossom and tunisian dates. I love things like this, when you all try something new as group; it was great fun and a most convivial lunch was had.

We walked up to Bramsche from there, it having reopened again since Graham and Pop left for Scotland. Not a great deal seemed to have changed, even the chesterfield sofa's were still there; though there were a few less bottled beers on the bar. The boys went for the guest draught's Saltaire and Lagonda, I chose Vedett and Pop a glass of red. We talked about fudge mainly, and other reminiscences, home via The Bear and we were gifted a beautiful box of booja booja chocolates and grumpy mule coffee to thank us for their stay - so kind. We picked a tired George up from nursery together and then dropped them back here for their evening visits. The following day started a little earlier, though I'm ashamed to say I wasn't awake when Graham came in to say good morning. They stayed later than planned to give me time to make a cooked breakfast in which I massacred the poor sausages, and we all helped put together sarnees for a packed lunch for the road home. We were all sad to say goodbye, George especially, but we have dinosaurs and photos and a bunch of good memories until the next time.

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