Saturday, 2 November 2013

Wolverine, no not that one

So we went to this thing called Sounds from the other city a long time ago...maybe 2006...and towards the end of a long day of going from pub to pub seeing bands and drinking a lot, we met this chap, he was wearing stripes, which is how I ended up talking to him. It turned out we were both from Plymouth, not just that, but we were born in the same hospital, Freedom Fields, which has long since been demolished. Him and his chum came and sat with me, Jon and Shaz then, more beers, and more, then he said there was an after party at Islington Mill, private of course, but he'd lost his special wrist band. Why do you get a special wristband? I asked, he replied ''well, because I was playing today, I'm David A Jaycock''.

I got us in - in case you wondered. I'd have argued his case anyway, but when I got to the door and the large black clad bouncer turned to me, I knew him in an instant. John from Fab, his eyes crinkled into a smile. A larger version of Jean Reno in Leon, he bent and gave me a kiss and away we went. We lost him in there Jon and I. Skipped away to the bar, smoking in the courtyard. Though I saw his stripes in the crowd a couple of times. So i'd hardly say I knew him (though using Jon's David Soul anecdote as measurement we were practically buddies) but we certainly met.

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