Monday, 29 July 2013

New day. Same shit.

New prescription - cephalexin (a drug I might be allergic to as it is a cousin to penicillin in it's molecular structure). More painkillers. Same old shit.

A doctor who doesn't want to know when I suggest this might be part of a wider problem and ask to be referred to an immunologist. She makes me feel stupid and small by telling me immunologists deal with autoimmunity and I do not qualify for the their remit. HALF AN HOUR later, my bestie who is so worried about me, has contacted a immunology consultant at Salford Royal with regard my case and he has replied saying - yes yes yes - the prolonged illnesses and recurring problems with tonsillitis is EXACTLY what I deal with - ask her to tell her doctor to refer her to my clinic....WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH SOME GP'S??????.....WHY DIDN'T SHE WANT TO DEAL WITH MY SITUATION LONG TERM INSTEAD OF THROWING ANTIBIOTICS AT ME???????? I know referrals cost money but so do repeat after repeat after repeat prescriptions which I do not pay for.

I also have the blood test and throat swab for glandular fever though Dr Doom doesn't think I have it.
The nurse taking my blood is the same one I saw initially with this tonsillitis two weeks ago, she is annoyed, confused and upset for me that i'm still ill.... "you're always so happy and smiling even when you're not well, but this time you look dreadful I can't believe they're so clueless" .....from the mouths of nurses people....from the mouths of nurses....

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