Saturday, 20 August 2016

Craggies, Peanuts, Popcorn

This afternoon we went up to Craggies again to get some stuff and also to take Pat next door out for a drive. It's a lovely run up there through Cragg Vale even in the torrential rain. We got stuck behind a vintage tractor at one point and then saw several other machines further along the road and had a sudden flash of memory from the watermark day flyer that they were having a tractor race! - which became very much more obvious as we turned off for the business park. A line of about twelve enormous vehicles were belting along with lights never ceases to amaze me how much bigger tractors are these days. I mean, I learnt to drive with Chris on a grey vintage Dexta - like the one we saw at the car show the other weekend, which was naturally small due to being old and cabless, but, even then other cabbed machines on the farm - a blue Leyland, white david brown, good old red and silver massey, noisy yellow marshall and a dark red CASE International were literally about half the size of these things tear arsing along the road. Standing up close to them when we'd parked was even more astonishing...George didn't even come up to the top of the front wheel! 

PAST the monster machines....we encountered the mardy llamas...sorry, alpacas, who are part of - which is an alpaca wool business making everything from socks to duvets. Beautiful, soft, silky stuff...I want some socks for Christmas. We found that unfortunately the cafe was closed but bought some food stuffs and then called into Polka dot lane. That turned into a huge conversation with the owners and Pat about history and was absolutely fascinating. We got a bit wet because it was hoofing down, but it was a good trip and i think Pat enjoyed just getting out.

Jon made Spag bol and then we watched Peanuts the movie. George ate a shit tonne of popcorn and Bella tried to get her share.

Bed then...but managed to stay awake long enough to see Mo Farah win his second gold of the games and complete his double double, Well done you incredible athlete.

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