Wednesday, 20 July 2016

School report and the heat goes on....

 So very proud of our little man, soo very glad he is happy and confident at school. Brilliant.

Weren't we promised a thunderstorm and rain to clear the air Mummy?...she seemed to say...

First PMQs with TM as PM...definitely a touch of the Thatcher about her. She pulled no punches with
JC, especially with regard to uncertain jobs and unsupportive bosses, I could tell from her smirk that she was going to do a pot calling the kettle black on him. Angus Robertson is always a favourite, he was giving no quarter in pushing forward the remain agenda for Scotland. God alone knows how they're going to fare with it but he is forging links with Germany like a soulmate.

Other news from yesterday is Angela Eagle's abdication from the Labour leadership contest...after stirring the hornet's nest she's laid it off to Owen Smith. As a member I will AGAIN be voting for Jeremy Corbyn, if, after this, the party cannot respect his mandate and come together behind him then I fear both me and Jon will be looking to jump ship to Green. The only other person i'd love to see lead is David Milliband. I really thought, hoped, he might come back to the fold as I know many others did. I wonder so often what might have happened if he had gained the leadership when he should instead of the trade unions shoe horning Ed in. Not that I didn't like Ed Milliband, he's clearly a good man, but for me, not the right man for the job.

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