Thursday, 7 July 2016

Hugs and seeing the good things

Iris has been really unwell recently, it's been a recurrence of breathing problems, something that she has had on and off this year to varying degrees of severity, but sadly often needing to visit hospital. It seems that whenever she catches a bug - which unfortunately kids do a lot, it goes as if by default to her chest and makes it so difficult for her to breathe. Lennie has been unbelievably strong. Though i am sure she wouldn't think so. I just feel so sad she has had to deal with this repeatedly, the anxiety of a sick child is horrendous, for anybody, but add this on top of already having depression and anxiety and it's exhausting, terrifying and seriously hard. I wish there was more I could do in the practical sense, but what I can say with absolute sincerity is i'm thinking of you.

Photos below sent to me by Lennie after returning home from the hospital - the healing balm of flowers, new growth and the constancy of life around us.

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