Monday, 18 July 2016

Brexit or looking back over the last few weeks in catch up...

I can't believe i'm even writing this. Our country, this Great Britain, has voted to leave the EU. I am absolutely stunned. I knew that it would be close but I always thought there would be enough people who thought like i did, like Jon did, like our friends did, to keep us in. Instead we are to leave, to stand alone, to isolate ourselves, to sever trade links and bring up the drawbridge. In the wake of this news, other things happened,
David Cameron resigned, and with him both Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage who were leaders of the exit campaign both stood down too, in the case of the former he withdrew from the leadership race following the PM's decision to leave.
Following that all kinds of ructions happened within the Labour party, half of the shadow cabinet resigned and Hilary Benn was sacked. Angela Eagle tried and is still trying to stage a coup, all but a small core of support are trying to get rid of Jeremy Corbyn despite him being voted for with the biggest mandate the party has ever seen.
Meantime Theresa May walked into power having been voted for by nobody. I'm not even going to go into the fandango with the leadership contest and the leaked emails regarding Michael Gove and Boris, or Andrea speaking as a mother Leadsom...whatever happened it was always going to be like a decision between Anthrax, Ebola and Sarin.
The new cabinet meant George Osbourne is out on his arse, no place for Gove or Nicky Morgan, every cloud! - but best (worst) of all, Boris Johnson is Foreign Secretary....the most ridiculous appointment since The Covent Garden soup company appointed Lucretia Borge executive chef.

God only knows what will happen next, when we will trigger article 50 and begin the leave process, if there will be a flash general election, if Corbyn will continue to stick like epoxy, i'm not sure anything would surprise me now. While we wait, there is always the clusterfuck of Donald Trump to alleviate the tension - that, plus the current climate in the States following the unlawful killing of a POC and the subsequent police killings in reprisal, alongside hideous atrocities in Nice, and the middle east and a failed coup in Turkey, I would say it's going to be a long hot summer, but as we are in England after all, I will say it's probably going to be short, changable and wet. Rather like Michael Gove.

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