Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Gardens and the love of friends

Had my first CBT appointment this morning, not entirely sure how it's going to pan out but it's something to investigate. Afterwards I spent some time in the Apothecary garden while I waited for Lennie and Iris who very kindly picked me up. We spent the rest of tuesday together and also hooked up on wednesday so I could help look after Issy while we went to an appointment in Halifax and then on to Sainsbury's for some lunch. It's been really warm, not my favourite temperature but better than rain. Lennie and Stu's garden is looking stunning, a real haven. they've had grass put down and planted loads of beautiful things, the willow dome is leafy and lovely and it's just a joy to see Iris playing with her sand pit and slide and generally running around out there. I love the house too, especially the dining room hub, but it is the garden that i thank the lord they moved for. I think it helps Lennie soo much. I've watched her grow alongside the plants as she creates her happy space and it's so uplifting. I know they are going to have so many happy times there.

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