Sunday, 28 June 2015


Today, our life changed again, we welcomed a new addition to the now six strong family - Bella. This beautiful girl has come to us all the way from Romania, she was found there on the streets with her two puppies, who subsequently and very sadly died. Her history prior to this is unknown, perhaps she was a family pet who was abandoned when she fell pregnant, we'll never know. What we do know is, she was taken into a shelter over there and then rescued by a charity called Snoopy UK to be neutered, vaccinated and generally looked after with the view to being re-homed, which is where we came in. It was six weeks from start to finish of the process. Especially as she was badly malnourished when she came into the shelter and had to undergo a special diet to build her back up. After this, and for the final three weeks before her journey to England she was placed with a wonderful foster family in Vienna, Austria. They got her acclimatised to other dogs, children and cats - plus just being in a house, on a lead and harness and generally giving her lots of love and cuddles. A journey that took almost a week followed. She was driven overland in a van that began in Bucharest with several other rescue animals through Germany and France, on the ferry from Calais and to England. She spent three days at kennels in Essex having some rest and recuperation after the big drive and being checked over by DEFRA - passed fit to travel she then came all the way north to Knutsford services on Sunday, where we met her

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