Friday, 6 February 2015

Coffee and customer service

Friday was another gorgeous cold, crisp, blue sky and sunshine day. My favourite type of day, We popped along to the Indoor market mid-afternoon time with George zooming along on his scooter.

As the Coffee shop was all but empty save for two older chaps who looked rooted there, we took the chance to perch on the high stools and have a drink. 
I'd known for a while that they were part of a group who are rather renowned for roasting their own beans and knew from experience how incredibly popular they were, but as I usually visit with offspring in tow the most I have ever had was a quickly grabbed Frappe one summer's day. 
This time, I ordered a Peaberry, Jon an Ipanema and we got a tea for George (maybe it's a northern thing, but rather like me he has been drinking milky tea now since about 18 months of age). 
The drinks were impeccable, served in small individual cafetiere with a little jug of milk - perfect strength and clearly made by someone who has a real understanding of coffee; however the service was weird (we were clearly together but she took the order one person at a time and went off to make that individual drink before returning for the next order) plus the general demeanour was dour, disinterested and as though we were putting her to great trouble (I guess most people here must just choose to order the house blend latte/capu/espresso?) but when you carry a huge selection of teas and coffees surely it is to be expected that someday, somebody might want to order them... I know children are annoying, I know he spilled some tea (which I mopped up) and I know we might have been a pain ordering three different drinks, but you were soo quiet I thought you'd be glad of the trade. I'd really like to return, because your product was excellent, but I was soo put off by the service. If you want to work in a customer facing role, it really helps if you don't fucking hate people. 

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