Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Slight Hiatus - mainly about football

What's been happening..well, for us, not so very much. We've all been a bit buggy and had upset tummies so there has been little in the way of adventures afar. Around us, there has been much.

The world cup is in full swing and we have all enjoyed watching as many matches as possible. My particular favourite have been this tournament's surprise - USA. Who sadly exited last night after extra time against Belgium. They've been great to watch and I think their last match has to be pegged as the best of the Cup so far. Their goalkeeper was especially fabulous and I'm sure if it had gone to penalties he would have been the hero. Jurgen Klinsmann the legendary German player - who I remember vividly in the winning team of Italia 90 - and saw playing for Spurs a long long time ago on a trip to White Hart Lane with my brother - has really got something going with this team and even in extra time never stopped attacking, running, chasing. Their stamina and fitness was quite astonishing and I look forward to seeing more of them in the international arena.

And what of England? We exited having not made it out of the group stage and despite not playing badly - there were real moments of flair from the younger brigade  - we didn't shine and when a flick on header from Gerrard put Suarez through for the second goal against Uruguay, I actually felt pretty sorry for us, Steven Gerrard in particular as this must surely be his last bow on the big international stage. I hope they keep Roy Hodgson, as I do think he makes a good manager, and maybe, just maybe, we might come again in the Euros.

That wasn't where the news ended for Suarez, in the next game against Italy, seemingly unprovoked and out of nowhere, he let his teeth do the talking for the third time in his career and tried to take a lump out of Chiellini. The outpouring of horror and anger at what happened was vast, the result was inevitable, banned, not only for the World Cup but for Club too - the team in question being ours, Liverpool. Whether he is still with us for the start of the season remains to be seen - his appetite for flesh seems not to have put off some of the big clubs sniffing around. I can't argue with his talent for goalscoring, but i've never felt easy about his personal record.

Who will go on to win the ultimate prize? Brazil have to contenders, not least due to their being on home ground, but I also fancy the Colombians - and it would be churlish to discount the cream of Europe...Germany, France and Holland. Watch this space.

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