Thursday, 29 May 2014

Self Analysis

Over on Rock My Style today they were talking about things you would tell your teenage self - so I compiled this list, though mine probably goes to my thirties.

Don’t spend your teens and early twenties being paranoid you were fat, you weren’t.
Take A-Level Art, the end result is irrelevant, you’ll enjoy it and you go on to get unclassified in Biology which you hate every second of.
Hug your Dad, It’s awkward when you’re a teen but you adore each other and you lose him to a sudden heart attack when you’re just 17.
Learn to drive before you leave home, you’re 37 now and still haven’t.
Don’t put ‘vegetarian’ on your University housing application – instead of like minded hippies you’ll be put with bigoted idiots, one of whom will beat you up.
Buy a little house when you and Jon move to Manchester in ’99, it will mean borrowing a small deposit from family but by the time you move away housing prices will have more than doubled and you’ll be able to pay them back with interest.
Don’t have dreadlocks, it’s nothing but hard work and takes Jon three months of painful combing to tease out and save your hair.
Always do your research, question authority and get second opinions; Mum dies of cancer when you’re 28 after being misdiagnosed for a year.
You might want lots of things, or think you do; but in the end only one thing is important and that is happiness. Do whatever you need to do to be happy, the rest will fall into place.

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