Sunday, 9 March 2014


Woke up to another beautiful spring day - what a difference the weather can make...we had breakfast with the window open and the sun streaming in then went out into the garden for a bit of a tidy up. I made some dough and then we scuttled off to Gordon Rigg and bought tulips, crocuses (croci?) bluebells and primula...I also had my eye on the hellebores but held off. From here we took a short trip up to Lumbutts to see the new lambs and I grabbed a shot of Stoodley Pike, on from there to Heptonstall and we had a walk down Northgate to have a nosey at a house for sale and take in the breathtaking view over the valley. Then home to finish the bread, make cake and cook off the sourdough. We had the end of last night's cottage pie and played trains and made a jigsaw with George, watched Top Gear in Burma and tidied up toys, then it was bath time and time for a family snuggle. George nodded off when his energy seemed to have hit it's peak in that funny way toddlers do and here I am, writing this. Lovely Sunday, thank you family, thank you spring.

Stoodley Pike

Wooden sign on the wall in Northgate near the White Lion

Daddy and George in Northgate

View across Heptonstall Road

cake, two standard white loaves and my sourdough

Sourdough (second loaf using Alfred the starter)

Mother/son huggle on the sofa/pouffe 

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