Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dunham Massey

An afternoon visit to DM to meet Shaz, Dot and Brian; we were rather unlucky with our timing as they ran out of tokens for the house (which has been turned back into Stamford Military Hospital for the anniversary of WW1) at about 2pm. So decided to meet them after they had been around, which allowed us to take a walk through the beautiful gardens. Glorious to see all the daffodils. George absolutely loved it, running around like a little yellow blur. Unfortunately, by the time we met D, B+S I was really suffering with tummy ache, in addition to which I felt horribly faint. Time of the month is two things for me, not only do I get awful cramps but as someone who is anaemic anyway, I become even more so. Shaz told me I looked white as a sheet and I must admit that it was silly of me to opt for a cup of tea and not a sugary drink or cake - but I didn't fancy it at all. I felt better for the brew and we had a lovely time chatting - they were telling us all about the house and talking about the military hospital. Afterwards they took G for a little walk and Jon and I sat together on a bench outside. It was around now I started to feel a bit weird, half fainted in the loo and had to sit there for a while until I could manage to walk back out. Jon spotted me thank god, he'd twigged something was wrong and had been looking out for me. Shaz ran and got me a full sugar coke then and I got some energy back to walk to the car. She popped to get G then, who had been happily oblivious playing with Dot. The journey home was pretty rough but I made it, Jon snuggled me up on the sofa with hot water bottles and blankets and painkillers and George fell asleep on the other. Two hours later I woke up feeling much better and guzzled some cookies, then came up to bed proper. Dunham Massey was fabulous, but next time I'll be more careful with my timing.

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