Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Swings and roundabouts

Sadly my last meditation session in Hebden this afternoon, Kath isn't getting the numbers she hoped for and can't cover the cost of the room; I think it was always going to be difficult, especially having moved venue and time in week two, to keep the attendance up. Perhaps later in the year she might be more successful. In the meantime there are her gong bath's on Wednesday but obviously Jon isn't home. This really had a knock on for me, I kept losing my focus and thinking how much easier it would be to just WALK to these things if we were living over there, gazing up out of the window towards the woods at Midgehole. Afterwards I walked down Valley road, over the bridge, as always pausing to look at the weir, then into Innovation to get Jon a Valentine's card and a little gift. I'm not a big fan of the V day thing, but It's nice to have a reason to give my lovely husband something. From here and across the square to Crown street, I could see the silhouettes of Jon and George in the car long before I got there, George wearing his Gruffalo hat with the ears poking up instantly making me smile. They had been to the park while i'd been quieting my mind, I usually get a lot out of meditating but I think today I'd have been better off on the swings.

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  1. Getting motivated is so difficult this time of year. I've taken up yoga classes again and this time they are in the daytime rather than evening. Much better for me. I hope your meditation sessions begin again soon.

    Love your red satchel! We've been NT members for years now and really make the most of it. There are some lovely properties up your way. x


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