Sunday, 2 February 2014

Oxford en route

We stopped for a sandwich in Oxford en route home and I got a tiny glimpse of a place I've wanted to visit my whole life. We stopped on the Woodstock road and then managed to park down near the Duke of Cambridge pub. Hopping back up to Woodstock to buy all kinds of lovely things from Taylors. I also found a fabulous bakery at the end of Clarendon where I grabbed us a sourdough to take home. We drove through Jericho before winding our way out and onto the motorway once more and all of it made me long to come back and stay and enjoy it all properly. Don't ask me why, Morse and Lewis you planted the seeds for this!


  1. Hi Ann, just to let you know that I'm back over here now. A humourous post explains why *wink*. Just scroll down to the post before last.

    I love Oxford because of Morse and Lewis too, but I have to say, being Suffolk based, my heart belongs to that other city of spires ... Cambridge.

    Hope you are all well and happy.


    1. Jeanne you've been very much missed! - so happy to read your comment and scuttled straight over to Cottage Garden!
      New series of Lewis confirmed today - much joy about that too :)
      All good here.
      Best wishes and welcome back.


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