Tuesday, 19 November 2013

George Arthur Newman remembered

I lost you eighteen years ago today Dad, I can't quite compute that I've been on this earth longer without you than with you. How can that be? It feels like you left me yesterday. I can still remember that night when they put you in the ambulance and told us we couldn't come too and not to worry and that it was just for observation and that you would be back tomorrow...and a few hours later when they called...and that shock that hit so hard in the solar plexus neither Mum nor I could breathe...and I had to hold her upright whilst she couldn't stand for sobbing...and then listening to her call Paul to tell him his Dad was dead, sat on the carpet, holding your hat in my hands like it was made of crystal like if I held it and myself ever so quietly and carefully that it might not have happened at all...but it had, and it did, and that all feels like it happened minutes ago, not eighteen long years since. I miss you everyday, every time I look at my son I see you, and wish you were here to tell him his Grandad loves him. I love you Dad, part of my heart is always yours.


  1. Anne, I cried reading this. Beautiful words... Xxx

  2. Thank you. I'm afraid I cried too whilst writing it.


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