Saturday, 16 November 2013

George's Birthday Open House

Possibly the worst photographs i've ever taken, but the best I could do under the circs due to feeding and watering a LOT of people in the pop up cafe that was our kitchen.


Leek and Potato or Carrot and Caraway Soup with Granary, Wholemeal or White Bread

Shaz's Tomato and Pepper Quiche or Morrison's rustic pork pie

Vanilla Sponge Birthday Cake, Coffee and Walnut Cake and Shaz's Carrot Cake

Lavazza Filter Coffee or Yorkshire Leaf Tea

My dearest thanks to all who came...
Mum+Dad B, Shaz, Dot and Brian Williams, Wendy, Phil and Dylan Gray, Claire and Justin Smith, Suzanne, Tobias and Abel Byrne, Caroline Campbell, Rachael and Stanley Gwilliam, Trevor and Sandra Peach, Ellie Pollock and to my beloved husband Jon.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE!! - You're a very lucky and much loved little boy.

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