Saturday, 1 December 2012

Spotty Muldoon

Here I sacrifice all vanity for the good of humanity - or - look at my penicillin allergy

Friday Morning, and this morning...

Friday morning and this morning... 

Well, we had a really good night here - George slept right through with just one tiny cough and he just turned over and went back to sleep. Brilliant little boy. I got up a few times for the loo and to put some cream on and made sure his new stripey duvet was all snuggly and over him. 
When I woke up the spots were no better, and certainly more of them but it looks like they've come to fruition. I put camomile on my hands and put some gloves on for a while but the gloves were irritating so I ended up washing it all off. We opened our advent calender - or rather Jon did,  a lovely pop up one by Eric Carle of The Hungry Caterpillar fame. We also played Jona Lewis for George and Jon danced about during the tiddlyiddlepompom bit...George bounced and clapped. Then the post arrived and Jon opened it - I tried and nearly wept as my hands touched the envelopes...the spots on my fingers are so painful. We got our first Christmas card from Uncle Ken. I wonder how he is doing without Stella. 
I got up then and then sat back down rather swiftly, I haven't taken photos of my feet as the spots are rather hard to see, but they cover the soles of my feet and there are some on my toes. The sole spots make walking  very painful - like lots of tiny pieces of glass under the skin. I wouldn't wish it on anyone. 
Jon told me I wasn't moving from bed and so the boys went downstairs. Later Jon brought me up a lovely breakfast of bacon muffin and a mug of tea then I took another raft of tablets and had a big sleep - sleeping is the only comfortable thing. It means I'm not itching and cannot scratch.

My lovely boys cheering me up...and yes, George is using half an orange as a phone!?...he thinks that EVERYTHING is a phone...

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