Saturday, 17 November 2012

Birthday Party

On Saturday we had a little gruffalo party for own own little gruffalo. George was due to turn One on the Sunday and so we invited a few local friends - Graham and Poppy, Rach and Ben, Trevor and Sandra, our next door neighbours Pat and Ken, Sharon's parents Brian and Dot and of course Jon's parents to come over. We had lashings of ginger beer, gruffalo cupcakes, jam tarts, ham sandwiches, sausages of sticks, chocolate fingers and quiche. Poppy baked mini scones and mince pies and Rachael made Parkin. It was very sweet and people bought George the most beautiful presents, clothes and toys and cards and such loveliness. He seemed to thrive on the attention and tottered round babbling and squeaking.
I can't believe he is one.

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