Sunday, 16 January 2011

Early birthday

This one goes out to the men I love...
***T H A N K Y O U***
for my early birthday

About last night....
cords, peeling potatoes, hotel california, lighting candles, uncrossed wires, drinking guinness with two hands, all is right with the world, scarf, silent hill, biting my lip, singing to nuggets, they call me *Chef* Bloor, cracking crackling, roast pork and red cabbage, elephant trail, braille, best birthday cupcakes and strong coffee, the otherworld, shake them off with two hands man!, *epic* backflip over the sofa, arms length photography, we could be here some time, white russians and mudslides, spatial awareness is not my strong point, left left left fuck we've gone in a circle, vodka and coke, stirred not shaken, something-something, short story, trainsets, our dream, not our sheep, finished, best game ever, joint psyche report, tell me something i don't know, amazing, fionn and sive, radio days, eskimo noses, goodnight :)


  1. Happy Birthday to you .....! I LOVE the description of your evening and the GREAT photos! Inspired piece of writing. Love it!


  2. Thanks Jeanne! :) That's so kind and means so much - your comment really made me smile :)xxx


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