Thursday, 20 January 2011

Take me out...

This is my husband Jon. He is freezing. After a particularly bad day at work I suggested we just drop everything and go out. It was completely impromptu and just the best night together.

We went to The Tapas bar and drank two giant glasses of cruzcampo each which went down so well and made us feel like we were on holiday :)

We also tried several little dishes of tapas including delightfully sizzling Gambas with chilli and garlic, sweet and smoky Chorizo, lightly battered Calamari with aioli, little Black pudding canapes, small spicy sweetmeat parcels and chicken with honey. They were all incredibly tasty and there are *soo* many more things to go back and try, especially as the stews Jon (the jinx!) asked about were unfortunately unavailable that night.

It was so cold that a coating of thick frost lay on the cars. I wasn't wearing a coat as it's literally a few hundred yards away, but by the time I had faffed around taking photographs and Jon had done some window shopping I was chilled to the bone and had to take a hot water bottle to bed.

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