Saturday, 4 December 2010

Choosing the tree

T'is the go to Gordon Rigg and choose our Christmas tree! Despite the sleet and melting snow, the hills were looking very white and festive.

Gordon Rigg was very busy and full of people on a similar mission to us

Every year I get hugely nervous that ''our tree'' won't be there....and every year, we find it....

A Fraser Fir as usual, because they smell wonderful and are tall and thin, which suits the living room corner perfectly. They also have soft needles that don't spike you and are non-drop.

And as usual, it filled the car from front to back and was stuck between us and halfway up my nose, but It didn't matter because we had our tree and Jon was a giddy kipper and we couldn't stop laughing.

Then we brought it in and Jon sawed the trunk and screwed it into it's tree stand and we realised it was the tallest one yet!He even had to stand on the step ladders to cut the top off the net they put it in for us. From here, I had to put down the camera and pick up the lights, tinsel and baubles...the finished tree? - photos soon!

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